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1979 Ferrari 512BB


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Paul Newman Built Hot Rod, No Expense Spared

This one-of-a-kind 512BB has been under the care of the best Ferrari tuners in North America. The result is not for the faint of heart!

Originally built by famed Ferrari forced induction expert Bob Norwood. The end result was an 1100-hp Testarossa powered beast that was featured on the cover of Forza magazine. Drivability issues ultimately hampered the owners enjoyment of the car so it was sent off to Barrie, Ontario, Canada to noted Ferrari restorer and Berlinetta Boxer expert, Paul Newman, who oversaw installation of the 512M powerplant amongst other corrective work including the show quality Black paint

The car was completed by Newman in early 2018 before returning to the Bay Area

In its current incarnation, it is powered by the legendary, limited production 440-hp, 5 liter F512M engine, which was purchased new in crate from Ferrari by Newman

Many amazing details throughout including custom multi-piece forged wheels, Carbon fiber airboxes, and a custom braking system. The air conditioning functions properly. Ohlins coilover dampers with special valving and custom spring rates were employed to keep the car flat through corners and able to absorb the harsh punishment of rough roads. The entire exhaust system was fabricated by Mark Robles in stainless steel. Exhaust gases exit through titanium mufflers, which provide a soundtrack that must be heard in person

A history file detailing the project through all of its incarnations is included

With a curb weight of 3,086 lb this BB has a 600 lb weight advantage compared with the 1995 F512M

Here's what Car & Driver magazine wrote about the F512M engine introduced for 1995

'Lighter titanium connecting rods reduce stress on the crankshaft, which in turn has been lightened. New forged pistons stroke against a higher 10.4:1 compression ratio, and revised valve gear is engineered to hang together beyond 10,000 rpm - a figure that most likely will be achieved only during dinner conversation. Horsepower now peaks at 440, an increase of 12 ponies, and they all rear up at once, just 450 rpm shy of the limiter-imposed 7200-rpm redline. Torque has eased upward a few clicks to 369 pound-feet at a semi-giddy 5500 rpm. Though these high rpm figures suggest that you must rev the 512 aggressively to develop useful power, this isn't the case. The flat-12 has always provided progressive, usable power, along with some of the best sound effects you can ever hope to hear.

Ferrari says the enhanced engine pushes the F512M to 60 mph in well under 5 seconds, and the car covers the quarter mile in the high 12-second range'

Only 75 F512Ms were ever built for the US. All for the 1995 model year


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