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1972 Porsche 911 S



1972 S Sunroof Coupe, 2.8 Hot Rod

This '72 911 S was originally owned by the founder of Gallo Salame, Mr Ernie Gabiati of San Francisco. The 2nd and current owner purchased it from Gabiati in 1986. At 82,669 miles in 1982, Mr Gabiati enlisted Santa Cruz Independent Porsche to improve the performance of the original motor. Displacement was increased from 2.4 to 2.8 liters with larger pistons and cylinders, compression raised 10:1, some head work, 46mm Webers and Carrera 6 camshafts which, all in, was estimated to give 250hp - quite an improvement over the original 190hp

The mileage currently sits at 103,740, just over 20k miles since the motor was built. It has been used sparingly the last decade and a half but it was driven as intended by enthusiasts its whole life and it isn't a show car. Various bumps and bruises are consistent with age and some door dings have been accumulated over the years from its garage mate. It had a half decent respray performed 30 years ago in the original silver. It is showing its age in spots. It has a tape player and EQ sitting where the ashtray used to live, again added in the 80s

Overall this is a time capsule of how a 911 S would have been modified 3 decades ago. The C6 cams were removed and replaced with the original S cams because the car wouldn't meet CA emissions. Now that the car is smog exempt it would be great to see how it runs with the C6 cams re-installed. Inside it sports a Momo steering wheel and 10k RPM tachometer. TTG driving lights were added in the 70s or 80s and look very cool, RSR center exit muffler helps the motor breathe. Pressure fed Carrera chain tensioners were a nice upgrade. The heat has been deleted

It does not come with owners books. There is a binder with receipts dating back to 1982 when the motor was built, one key, tool roll, jack, lug wrench plus the spare Fuchs wheel and tire. The sunroof works. The original 2.4 pistons and cylinders are included as well as the C6 cams and a couple of boxes with miscellaneous small parts, spark plugs, hood shocks, etc


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