I purchased a BMW from Phil a few weeks ago. It was the best experience I've had in purchasing a car. I needed a loaner car and they accommodated me with a wonderful Audi while they repaired a few rims. Phil even delivered the car to San Francisco. A real concierge service that you just don't get from a big dealership. Good people and straight shooters in my opinion.- Eric A.

I have bought and sold cars from SF Sports Cars and both were great experiences. Their inventory is incredible, the staff is knowledgeable, accommodating and very friendly. When I buy my next exotic car, this is the place I will look first. I worked with both Brad and Phil and found both to be terrific at their jobs. I would recommend this place without reservation- Don G.

Professional service, excellent quality cars! - Tom Shaughnessey

Can't say enough about SFSC, outstanding service, great experience, consider Phil a life time car advocate and friend, thanks for putting me on my dream car! -Pete T.

Nice people. Awesome cars! -Leo L.

I've been coming to this dealership on and off since I moved to the Bay Area in 2010. Brad and Phil are the best of the best. I sold my Ferrari 328 GTS with their help (for more than I paid for it) and I even sold one of my watches there (an FER10 that I no longer wore since I didn't have the Ferrari anymore).

Even though I'd done business here, I definitely fall into the "just looking" crowd when it comes to browsing. I stopped in literally dozens of times with no intention of buying. In most dealerships, if they think you aren't serious about buying they have no time for you. Just the opposite with Brad and Phil. They're ready to talk cars, watches, basketball, women or just about anything. I never felt pressured or rushed.

When I came time to pull the trigger on a Tesla roadster, I didn't hesitate. SF Sports Cars was getting my business. I was willing to pay a premium just because these guys are so top notch, yet they ended up giving me MORE for my trade-in (an '02 Porsche) than we originally discussed and even came down on the price of a new-to-me Tesla despite the fact that there were other serious buyers. Phil even met me on a Sunday (they're usually closed) just to let me drive the car!

I cannot recommend these guys highly enough. -Chuck S.

We purchased a 360 Modena from SF Sports Cars. We found the listing online and called Phil. From the first conversation to the final sale and beyond, Phil was excellent!

He is so friendly and informative. I hesitate to call him a salesman. He was not pushy, and very helpful in the process. The car is beautiful, and in pristine condition.

I highly recommend this dealership. We had the car shipped and Phil arranged it, and it was flawless. -Rebecca R.

I've never been one to go online to write reviews, but this time I felt compelled to write / post a review, because these two guys are great and deserve the recognition. I needed to sell my high-end sports car and since I don't have the time to sell it on my own, I decided to seek out a professional place that can do the job and do it right.

Through some research I found San Francisco Sports Cars located in San Carlos. I did a little more research into these guys and I ended up liking what I read and found out about these guys and their business. I contacted Phil Sachs and after chatting with him in person and checking over their shop I was confident I had found the right guys to conduct my business.

The whole experience was easy, friendly and hassle-free, which was exactly what I wanted in this venture. I must mention that I also had the opportunity to meet and chat with Brad Goldstone, who is actually the founder & president of San Francisco Sports Cars and to my delight much like Phil, Brad too is an excellent person to deal with and considering these guys are selling very high-end collector cars they are both nice & down to earth guys.

At the current time I am getting out of the high-end car ownership, but I will revisit the market at a later time in my life and when I do I will most definitely visit San Francisco Sports Cars to check their inventory and once again do business with Brad & Phil.

Thanks guys, you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing I loved about this place was how fast the service is. Phil is not your typical salesman. When he says he'll do something it gets done asap. I plan on doing business with him again in the future. I'd highly recommend this place and I can't wait to put my black series on track. Thanks Phil- Sam H.

Talk about the ultimate man/ woman cave, look no further than s.f. Sportscars. Ever changing autos for any taste. Honesty, integrity and knowledge which is unfortunately unheard of in this business. Brad and Phil are absolutely amazing, and to boot an absolute wizard mechanic in the rear of the store named Ted who is reasonable and eat off the floor clean.

I have bought and sold more than a dozen cars here, and would not go anywhere else for any type of car. I have never written a review, but this is one business that whatever business you are in you can learn from... My hat is off to S.F. Sportscars- Peter S.

WOWWOWWOW...I don't know what else to say about this place but more about how they treat you. All I can say, I felt like I was Lebron James buying my 7th Ferrari from them. I dealt with Philip and he is a great guy. He made this purchase so easy and accommodated in so many ways its impossible to list.

For starts I live in Orange County ca and they offered to pick me up from the airport, then he helped me with multip financing options, then gave me a price that I couldn't be happier with. Just when I thought it was to good to be true he introduced me to TED... Talk about an amazing person and an incredible mind.

You will not believe it but how I met Ted is of course through Philip because believe it or not I was going to drive my dream car back to Orange County with my wife so he asked Ted to go ahead and perform an inspection of the car and change the oil for me on the house so we could have peace of mind on our road trip. I couldn't believe how they where treating me considering I was a first time customer and not purchasing an Enzo.

Not to continue to cause I can go on for hours but if your looking to step up into your next car and want to deal with fair honest guys with a wet dream of an inventory then you should at least check these guys out cause they are AMAZING. If I am fortunate enough in the future to buy something else in this caliber it will only be from my friend Philip.. yes after the way they treated me is nothing short of a friend. Thanks again guys and I will be keeping in touch for regards James 007 Latif.

If you like being treated like a special client I suggest you call Phil at SFSC. Just received my Porsche and it was better than advertised, as was the service. Thanks again Phil!-- DJ S.

I recently both bought (NSX) and sold (BMW) through Phil at San Francisco Sports cars.  While these cars were not the super exotics like you normally see out on the floor (and it's DEFINITELY worth a look, the inventory is amazing), Phil went out of his way to help me - before, during and after the purchase.  Most importantly, he got me a good price on the old car, and a fair price on the new.

The new car itself has also been mechanically sound after many miles on road and track, and was immaculately presented for the pick up. I do recommend anyone buying a car on consignment gets their own PPI done (by a specialist on that type of car) before agreeing a price or making payment.  It gave me great added peace of mind.- Neil S.

I sold my vintage Ferrari and then bought a modern one through Brad and Phil. It could not have been easier. The price was good on both ends and the process very professional and straightforward. They came through to assist on getting the new car smogged and WRT the iou on the original rims. They even sourced a couple of missing bits for the toolkit, even though they did not have to.

Unlike most dealers they go above and beyond, and they now have a customer for life. They are also very friendly and open, letting me wax poetic about my next purchase or informing me about the state of the exotic car market. With Brad's background as the head guy at a Ferrari dealership you can also count of a pretty extensive network. He knows where the cars and VIPs are hiding, but can also be discreet when necessary.

There will always be a few "something for nothing/spoiled brats" who will expect a 20 year old car to be perfect in all aspects and then blackmail a business through negative yelp and facebook reviews. They also somehow neglect to do a pre purchase inspection on a $100k car. San Francisco Sports Cars is not for them, they should go and get a brand new Kia.

SFSC simply has an amazing collection of exotics, great service, and a fantastic reputation for value and honesty.

After my two Ferrari  transactions i would recommend these guys to family.- Chris S.

I've been dealing with SF Sports Cars for many years, in fact since the start of their operations, and have always had great experiences. Aside from being a fun place to hang out at, Brad and Phil successfully helped me sell a Ferrari and a Maserati. I have also referred very satisfied friends to sell their cars as well as to buy from SF Sports Cars. I highly recommend SFSC.- Jim G.

Brad and Phil have handled several sales for me over the past few years, and I have always found them to be courteous, responsive, and very knowledgeable about the cars. I have bought and sold many cars over the years and these guys are hands down the best at what they do.They have a fantastic inventory, realistic prices and are direct and honest to deal with. Highest recommendation.- Peter J.

I waited a lifetime of dreaming about owning a Ferrari before finally purchasing one from San Francisco Sports Cars.  Brad Goldstone relieved much of my anxiety about moving forward with a purchase with his calm, no pressure interactions with me.  He provided extensive information about the type of Ferrari that I wanted to purchase and full history detail for that specific car.  Brad followed through with every detail or concern that I had.  Over time I have found the same follow through with his partner, Phil.  I am not sure that my financial situation will every let me purchase another Ferrari, but if I am that fortunate, I will buy if from San Francisco Sports Cars- Chris G.

If you are in the market for an exotic, there is no better place than San Francisco Sports Cars in the San Francisco Bay area.  Brad and Phil are extremely friendly and very knowledgable about cars.  They certainly know the exotic car market and can find /get what you want.

But, it is more than that about Brad.  I bought an exotic from Brad and drove the car for almost a month.  There were some misunderstandings and I brought them up to Brad.  Brad addressed all of them but put a very clear option in front of me to bring the car back to him and he would gladly refund all my money, including taxes!  I have never heard of any dealer offering such an option to their customers.  Obviously, this is not something that he can do all the time, as a matter of good business practices, but this is what he told me; he is selling cars because he loves cars and he loves dealing with people who are passionate about cars.  He said, he sells cars to share the passion and make a few friends along the way.

I would certainly buy my next car from these guys when the time comes for a new one in the garage.- Kevin A.

Awesome cars, great people, low pressure purchasing experience. Phil was great and took care of me after the sale.- Lewis C.

I bought my F-430 here and could not have been happier with Brad and Phil and the experience.  I must have bothered these two guys so much with how often I kept going to their showroom and "looking" and dreaming of owning a Ferrari.  They were so accommodating to myself and my wife each time we came down to look at the inventory.  I will never go anywhere else to buy my next  exotic car.  And as for the mechanic as referenced in another review, I have found him to be honest and very knowledgeable.  One time my car had a light come on, and the dealership was closed, but when I called Brad he had the mechanic call me back on my cell and walked me through the issue, he was right the light went off, and I was back driving my dream car (oh and by the way no charge to me), this is how they operate, they enjoy selling these beautiful cars and always make sure they will have repeat customers which they definitely have in me.- Paula C.

After visiting many high end auto dealerships over the last weeks looking for my next dream car, I wanted to give a very special mention to San Francisco Sports Cars for the awesome treatment they gave me today. They were the friendliest, most approachable and direct folks i have met through that process.

They let me walk around to look at the cars, answer all sorts of questions, allowed me to test drive a few cars, gave me advice...

This is actually not typical of high end auto dealers around here, most of which are very hard to deal with, put barriers in order to test drive cars, don t even come to help you, etc. -Frederic

San Francisco Sports Cars is one of the best dealership in the Bay Area.  If you're looking at preowned sports cars , exotics they have a variety of choices.. Phil Sachs is great to deal with and knows a lot about cars, that's the kind of person you would want to talk to when making such decision.. I referred someone there from my workplace and one thing he mentioned was those guys are great! - Alex P.

Been wanting to come here for the longest time!  Finally had a chance to pop in here on a recent Saturday and was not disappointed.  The cars here are of a higher caliber than other comparable high end sales/consignment places.  The people are great and the place is real... you won't see any of those tacky Do Not Touch signs here.  We are car people, not children, and for me, it goes without saying.  I thought the lack of signs was a nice touch and it is a good reflection of the overall attitude (in a good way) and excellence of this place.

Plenty of gorgeous cars here, each of them special in their own way. Prices are surprisingly good and honest too and while every car in here is really nice, not every car is expensive.  I believe this honesty is reflected in the high number of cars that they seem to go through every month.  While cars at other consignment places sit stagnant for months, cars here seem to sell really fast.  In my book, that says a lot.

During my visit, I brought my elderly dad (Alzheimer's) along to force him to get some exercise and the salesperson we had, Phil, was very helpful and genuine with a great personality.  Really cool guy.

I've always been a huge car nut and thus thought I knew of and had been to every exotic/collector car place in the SF bay area, but even then, discovered the existence of this place purely by chance on my own.

Hoping they will advertise more so that more car people can discover this little slice of automotive heaven.  These people have a real passion for cars and it shows.  If you are looking for that special toy, look no further, this is the place. - Roy N.

I visit Phil and Brad every once in awhile. They are some of the friendliest guys in the business and know their stuff. The cars speak for themselves. They provide the touch of class of cars with a class of service.

Ted Taormina (Taormina Imports) in the back provides top notch service and proper diagnostics to fix your issues. -Drew M.

Brad and Phil only deal in quality hardware, super friendly and knowledgable. They get new cars all the time so tell them what you are looking for and they will hook you up.

Ted (service shop behind them, does great work on exotics as well) - Ting L.

You don't need no Yelp to pronounce "Great... !!!!!"

All the visitors are all cool..., and of course the Host, Brad & Phil are Awesome!!! - Nop P.

Sold our CLK63 Black Series through this company. They were extremely helpful and honest. The fact is, it's tough to find a company that will take 100% care of your car and will also give you the right advice for future purchases. The team at San Francisco Sports Cars is the group to trust, whether you're purchasing/selling a vehicle. - Aneal V.

Best used car purchase experience ever! Phil was very knowledgable and helpful throughout my first real sports car purchase. After seeing the car posted online, I came in to check it out in person. It was exactly as described. I took it for a test drive, and Phil had gotten a hold of all the service history paperwork on short notice. After a pre-purchase inspection, everything checked out. And Brad went out of his way to drop off some of the car accessories after the purchase. Great service! Loving the car! - D.M.

Now in my mid 50s, I've purchased 89 cars (!) since I started driving at age 16. Both from private parties, and many high-end dealerships similar to San Francisco Sports Cars.

To put a fine point on it, I rate Brad and Phil at SFSC #1 I've ever dealt with.

This doesn't mean that everyone need be happy with SFSC. As many of us in the local tech industry know, if you're not pushing the envelope, and willing to risk failure once in a while, you're not advancing your business. So I don't question that on rare occasion, someone will have an issue with a business. And used or "vintage" temperamental sports cars can be particularly troubling for some.

But, in general, for the other 99% of us, I haven't had a better experience than that over the last 18 months of dealing with these folks. And although I have yet to purchase a vehicle, I have one on consignment with them (Porsche). So I can speak first hand on how they rate against my many historical experiences with other dealers, and that my current consignment couldn't have gone smoother.

#1, hard to argue against.- Anil S.

I bought an old classic Mercedes at San Francisco Sports cars. Being a foreigner not accustomed to the rules here in the US, I felt I was in good hands. Phil was providing excellent service and made me a happy car owner. I'm recommending this boutique car dealer to all my friends.- Bjorn R.

I would highly recommend doing business with Brad and Phil.  I've completed six transactions with San Francisco Sports Cars and have had great results.- Steve G.

I recently bought a Ferrari f430 through Brad and Phil at San Francisco Sports cars.  Not only did I get a great price on a great car, but I really felt like Brad and Phil dealt with me honestly and with great respect.  Im not talking about the kind of manufactured 'used car salesman' respect one would expect from a dealer.  Though these guys are industry veterans, they are car people first.  Sure, they respect the dollar. It's not a museum! But its clear that they really respect the cars and the moreover, the culture.

Their attitudes seems to be-  Want an amazing car?  Got em'.  Wanna test drive it?  As long as your serious.  Want an amazing price?  Well, this is our price and we can move a little, but seriously, find a better deal if you can.  Need to think it over?  GREAT!  Please do.  That way, no one wastes their time.  However, if you need to talk it over or throw ideas around, call and we'll engage.  They told me yes, they told me no, but they never wasted my time.  They always gave me the real deal, and they always called me back, WELL after I bought my Ferrari.

Brad and Phil are in a tough biz.  Selling used exotica.  Exotic cars look great and go like hell, but they operate on the edge of what's possible in terms of performance and also in terms of engineering.  There sole reason for existing it to blow minds.  These cars are fantasy material.  Bedroom wall poster stuff.  Sometimes, they don't live up to an owner's expectations.  Other times (such as my case), they EXCEED the expectations of the owner.  For the dealer, Its all about connecting the right customer with the right car.  That's what these guys do, and they do it brilliantly.- Nathan L.

I've used this company to sell my 2008 Ferrari 430 spyder a while ago. They sold it in a few weeks. Phil Sachs arranged all the details, picking up the car, advertising it and then selling it for a good price. Their expertise in the high end car market is outstanding. They have many good contacts in the industry that helps them (and the customer) in the buy, sell and repairs of exotic cars. I will use them again and recommend them highly. -Bill P

We had an excellent experience at SF Sports Cars and Phil was very attentive and helpful. We purchased a G500 and he helped us with all kinds of things he did not even need to help with before and after the sale.  SF Sports Cars cares about their clients and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a pleasant car buying experience.- Nicole B

Excellent experience working with both Phil and Brad.  They are quite laid back and very nice to deal with.  They obviously value the relationship with a customer far above maximizing the immediate profit on the purchase/sale, and thus earned my (and, I am sure, many others') repeated business. - Sergey Z.

A truly fine dealership of nothing but the best of the best. Great buying experience, they went above and beyond to insure it was a win-win transaction. Will definitely use them again in the future.

Thanks for all your help,


Two great guy's to work with Brad and Phil. I will be buying another car from them some day. I live in Austin Texas and shipping was not a problem.

Thanks San Francisco Sports Car!- Bert W.

I have dealt with many auto dealers over the years. Phil and Brad are the best!

I sold a Corvette and bought a Carrera here during the summer. This was done with a very high level of professionalism and care. Phil and Brad are very honest and trustworthy. They deal with a wide variety of clients and are able to relate to each person's unque needs and desires. They also have extensive car knowledge and experience!

I hope to be a regular customer in the future. I am proud to be a client here! - Matt B.

My experience with SF Sports Cars has been excellent in all facets of purchasing a used vehicle. I first met Brad 10+ years ago, and have since dealt with Phil and purchased a vehicle that I still own and drive on a regular basis. There were no issues of test driving, or obtaining a PPI of my choice prior to purchase, and all documentation was in order with zero surprises. The car I purchased was solid, and mechanically and cosmetically indicative of its age.

I would not hesitate to buy another car from SF Sports Cars, in fact, I have been in numerous times to look at other vehicles.- Jack S.

Brad was a pleasure to deal with. Car is BEAUTIFUL. Thanks again - A++ dealer - 1957 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

Great place to deal with Phill is awesome, car was exactly as described - 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

Great seller and class act, buy with confidence - 2009 Nissan GT-R Premium


One of the best sellers of fine autos ever, would buy anything from him, A++++++ - 1970 Chevy Suburban Custom

What can I say WOW! Brad and Phil are The BEST! SUPER EBAYER A++++++++ - 1957 Chevrolet 210

Great seller. Friendly and honest. - 1932 Ford Deuce Roadster

Unbelievable and excellent company to deal with. - 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo SuperLeggera

Very good transaction. Helped me every step of the way. I highly recommend. - 1971 Chevy Camaro

Great seller it was a pleasure to do business with Brad! Quick response and handling - 2005 Harley Fatboy

Absolutely the BEST on Ebay, Perfectly Described, Great Service, Super Helpful - 2006 Ferrari F430 Berlinetta

Nice car, as described, Brad is a class act. - 1998 Ferrari 550 Maranello

Reliable EBAYER. Will deal again... Thanks!!! - 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Great to deal with, thanks Brad and Phil Love the car!!!! Just as described A+ - 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Z51

Outstanding people to deal with. If only I had the money for a Ferrari... - 1990 Jaguar XJS

Fantastic! exceeded all my expectations, great guys to deal with, thanks!!! - 1967 Ford Fairlane 500

Very good seller who was flexible on pick up date which was greatly appreciated! - 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

I was very satisfied in all cases! Thanks Phil and Brad - 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix

Excellent transaction on Porsche 911. Highly recommended - 2008 Porsche 911 GT2

A great buying experience. Brad & Phil were honest & helpful. - 1964 Austin Healey BJ8

Brad truly is one of the nicest and true good guys in the Ferrari industry. He takes the time and effort to talk with anyone interested and treats persons with dignity.



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