2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale

Scuderia Red with red/blk Alcantara - 24,000 Miles

This Beautiful Ferrari 360 Challenge has SOLD
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2004 Ferrari 360 Stradale for Sale

We are pleased to offer this fantastic 2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale for sale. This Ferrari "street/race" 360 is the ultimate expression of the Ferrari 360 modena, Ferrari was saying goodbye to it's workhorse and turned the race engineers loose to come up with a suitable sendoff. They took the already formidable 360 and allowed influence from the "challenge" race car that was not streetable and applied all the current technology that would come to be in the replacement car, the F430.

The Stradale benefits from an extreme diet, 240 lbs were shed by adding extensive carbon fiber elements to the car, racing seats in carbon fiber, no carpets or sound proofing, lightened and larger 19" wheels, and this is the only 360 with carbon ceramic brakes.

This particular car includes most of the very few options that were available, red brake calipers, Handly fire bottle, plush red/blk Alcantara interior, factory HIFI sound system and tri colore stripe added by the dealership that delivered the car. Full Tubi exhaust make this beast sound as bad as it looks!

This exotic sports car had her major done by the world famous Brian Crall, also a fresh 30k service completed recently so she is ready for you to enjoy right now!

Asking Price: USD 204,995. Trades gladly considered, financing and leasing options are available as well. Please call Brad Goldstone at 1-415-847-4169 with inquiries.

If you have an exotic sports car or an entire collection to consign and are anywhere in California, please consider San Francisco Sports Cars.

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VIN# ZFFDU57A440134406

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2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale for Sale in California
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