1977 Ferrari 308 GTB

DOHC V8 Engine w/ Four Weber 40DCNF Carbs - 34,902 Miles

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1977 Ferrari 308 GTB for Sale in San Francisco

Stunning 1977 Ferrari 308 GTB for sale in the best color ever, Fly yellow with tan leather, 34,902 miles from new, excellent condition, freshly serviced.

There were 12,004 308s produced from 1975 to 1985, all of the 308 models are embraced by Ferrari fans and critics today. In 2004, Sports Car International named this car number five on the list of Top Sports Cars of the 1970's!

The V8 engine is a DOHC design, with four Weber 40DCNF carburetors. American versions make 240 hp at 6,600 rpm and shift through a 5 speed fully synchro transmission. Birdman Ferrari who is a recognized expert has this to say in his "buyers guide"...


Which to buy? Well, there are many things to consider. The production can be roughly broken down into four main groups of models:

  1. Early carb cars (subdivided into fiberglass and steel variants) 1976-1977
  2. Later carb cars 1978-1980
  3. 2 valve injected cars 1980-1982
  4. QV cars 1983-1985

The most desirable Ferrari 308 is the fiberglass GTB, only because there were less than 1,000 made and it is the rarest. It also has the advantages of the early carb set-up, which was the most powerful and made the best sounds. The fiberglass also makes it the lightest 308. They are hard to find now. Most are in collections and they have gone up in value in recent years. There are no bargains to be had on these cars anymore! If you want one, you will pay dearly! Expect to pay USD $60K plus. (My prices are very ballpark based on values at the time of writing this).

The second most desirable is probably the QV, as it is nearly as powerful as the early carb cars, but has the reliability of the K-jet injection. It also happens to be the newest, though at this point, they are all old cars and age is not as important as how well the car has been cared for. The QV is a solid, reliable car. Plenty were made, and finding a good one is not hard if you look around. Expect to pay around $35K-$45K for a decent one.

Following closely behind the QV in popularity are the early steel carb cars (1977) because of the performance, and sound of the Webers. For a good one, expect to pay $30K-$50K depending on condition.

Next in desirability are the later carb cars (1978-1980). The carbs are always desirable by some because they sound so good, but also because they are simple and easy to adjust if you know what you're doing. Expect to pay $25K-$40K.

The least desirable 308s are the 2 valve injected cars (1980-1982). Although these cars are not as powerful as the other models, the fact is that they are still Ferrari 308s, they look great, they are reliable and even at only 205 HP, they are still peppy. Sure, they aren't muscle cars, but they handle as well as any of the 308s and their lower desirability also means their prices are lower. Lots of people love these 308s and they can be a fantastic bargain. Expect to pay $25K-$35K.

It is worth mentioning that by modern standards none of the 308 models are particularly fast. Even when they were new they were not the fastest cars on the market. They are certainly not slow cars, with 200-250 HP, but they are most known for their handling. This is not a drag racing car, but a peppy car that handles well and can be driven quickly on a track or a curvy road.

One should know that even in the U.S., buyers will often see Ferraris advertised as "Euro spec" models. Many 308s were brought into the U.S. from Europe. Some were properly "federalized" where they were modified to meet U.S. standards by adding impact bracing in the doors, changing the speedometer to miles per hour from kilometers, etc. Others were not fully federalized. In general, it is considered advantageous to get a "euro" 308 because it will be lighter, it may have more power, or a dry sump engine, or a single distributor ignition. But beware that Euro cars may not always be legal imports and you may have a problem registering one. As well, it may not pass emissions if you live in a state where this is an issue, most notably California. I'm not an expert on federalization, but there are excellent resources on this elsewhere."

This beautiful example is offered at a market correct $36,995 obo. Leasing and finance options are available - trades are gladly considered.

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1977 Ferrari 308 GTB for Sale in California


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